James Bowen

James Bowen, J.D., is considered one of the Nation’s top small business healthcare consultants. By combining his legal, business and consulting experience, Jim has helped over 200 clients; including attorneys, accountants and other small business owners; earn more, keep more, increase compliance, and realize a satisfying, productive life.

James M. Bowen, J.D.

Consultant. Coach. CFO.

Jame’s background and experience is diverse, allowing him to provide unrivaled business consulting and tax coaching for his clients. While he does not provide legal counsel, his knowledge of the law as it pertains to the healthcare sector and the small business practice, and his willingness to share this information with his clients, has proven invaluable to many.

James provides advice on numerous concerns and decisions facing his clients including practice management, equipment choice, acquisition, financing and protocol; staffing needs, hiring, compensation, management and other issues; operations; financial management of cash, insurance and personal injury income; integration of ancillary services; primary care protection; bookkeeping, profit/loss categorization, and documentation and characterization of income and expenses for tax and health care compliance and efficiency.

Prior to the formation of his own consulting firm, he was involved with companies in various stages of development; providing consulting services on operations, sales, and long term strategic planning. James has served as a litigation attorney for specialty law firm; a consultant to developing energy companies; a researcher for the Library of Congress in Washington, DC; and as a criminal investigator.

James graduated from University of Washington, Seattle, with honors, and received his J.D. from the George Washington School of Law, Washington, DC.