Dr. Terry Rondberg, DC – March 21, 2012

Dr. Terry Rondberg

Drawing on more than 25 years experience in marketing, management and political involvement, Dr. Terry A. Rondberg has applied his considerable expertise and energy to a variety of successful ventures. Each accomplishment has laid the foundation for the next, earning him the reputation as a top achiever and consummate communicator.


In 1989, Dr. Rondberg founded an international professional organization, creating a global network of contacts and resources. Using highly refined motivational methods, a thorough knowledge of electronic communication, and exceptional organizational talents, he guided the group from its earliest stages through its present status as a major association recognized as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with the Public Information Office of the United Nations, with members on five continents.

Despite intense competition from other, larger and more established organizations, his group has taken its place as a major player in the health care field. So influential has the group become that its annual board meeting is held in the Senate building in Washington, D.C.

The success of the group has relied – as have so many of Dr. Rondberg’s other achievements –  on his personal leadership and vision as well as a careful balancing of his “hands on” management style with the ability to choose top notch key management personnel and resources. Few executives have shown his aptitude for managing multiple endeavors, and fewer still have established his track record for success in widely diverse areas.


Each of Dr. Rondberg’s accomplishments have required the highest level of marketing acumen and have demonstrated his unusual, if not unique, ability to transform a vision of future success into reality.  His repertoire of marketing tools ranges from personal communication and negotiation skills to a thorough knowledge of effective mass mailing procedures. His innate understanding of consumer psychology — applied to a broad array of products and services — has led to a string of accomplishments including the establishment and growth of a major insurance program.

Political Activism

During his career, Dr. Rondberg has been intimately involved in the political process on the state and national levels. Through his work in Washington, D.C., he has formed productive relationships with numerous Senators, Representatives, and other government officials, as well as top lobbyists.  Demonstrating a keen understanding of the political process, he was instrumental in the passage of a major piece of legislation that was signed by President George W. Bush in 2001, as well as several other bills and government actions.

It is because of his involvement in Washington that he has been allowed to hold various events, such as his organization’s board meeting, in the Senate building. In addition, each year several high profile legislators – such as Senators Orrin Hatch, Trent Lott, Hillary Clinton, and Max Baucus and Rep. Donald Manzullo  – have attended Dr. Rondberg’s various functions and provided assistance for his legislative efforts.


In 1986, Dr. Rondberg launched what has become one of the leading monthly health care trade newspapers, with a worldwide circulation of more than 70,000. The periodical is only one of several consistently profitable print and electronic publications he has established.

Over the past decade, he has authored and published three highly acclaimed books that have sold more than a half million copies throughout the world, generating not only widespread publicity but a reliable source of revenue.

Whether giving a speech before several hundred conventioneers, appearing on television or radio talk shows, writing books, or publishing an internationally distributed newspaper, Dr. Rondberg has shown a flair for effective and persuasive communication.