Dr. Deed Harrison

Deed E. Harrison, D.C., is President/CEO of Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®)
Technique and Seminars. He graduated from Life-West Chiropractic College in 1996.
Dr. Harrison has developed and researched original spinal rehabilitation procedures and
has lectured to thousands of Chiropractors in over 350 educational conferences around
the world. He has authored nearly 100 peer-reviewed spine related publications, edited 4
spine textbooks, and is among the most prolific Chiropractic researchers in the world. He
currently is the Editor in Chief of the American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic (AJCC).
CBP Technique is a full spine and pelvis corrective / rehabilitative technique-
system having a firm foundation in the sciences of mechanics and physics and is a highly
investigated, evidence based technique system taught in several Chiropractic Colleges.
CBP Technique utilizes MIRROR IMAGE® adjusting, MIRROR IMAGE exercises and
MIRROR IMAGE spinal remodeling to restore normal spine mechanics, function, and
improved patient health, through improved spinal and postural alignment. Chiropractors
earn CBP Certification through training in fourteen specialized seminars. CBP Technique
offers a variety of products for Chiropractors. These products include:

• Continuing Education training for Chiropractic professionals,
• Educational Text Books, DVD’s, CD’s, etc,
• Specific in office products to enhance patient care,
• Denneroll Spine Remodeling Orthotics.

For more detailed information visit: www.idealspine.com or www.idealspine.biz.